At Lantern Wealth Guardians our duty is to guide those with complex financial lives through the maze of choices & decisions they must make to achieve success in all facets of their lives.  It all begins with the entrepreneur’s vision of success and from there we work with them to achieve their vision by focusing on:

Year in, year out. Short term and long term tax planning is fundamental to protecting your wealth from the constant attrition of taxes.

Risk is unescapable. It must be planned for and countered with cost effective insurance strategies.

Your business is your greatest investment and from the first day you open your doors, you should be maximizing the value of that investment​​.

When it is time to move on to your next adventure, a solid exit plan will be the key to harvesting the value you have created.​

Proper management of a diversified portfolio while you are building your business and after you have harvested its value will be paramount to your ability to fund what will be the next adventure.​

Retirement or your next adventure, it needs to be more than an afterthought. This is what you have been working towards all these years. Make sure it is all you desire​.

As the saying goes “You can’t take it with you”, but you can decide what happens to it after you don’t need it anymore.